I read this in Stan’s voice.


gravity falls characters + colors


"Did he just?.. Fall asleep on me?.. And where the hell did all these flower petals come from? Gotta get Dipper to clean up this mess ugh."

look if you’re gonna draw Stoos there better be at least 2.4 anime references ok


WIP gravity falls print! have to move the pine boys over so that i can find in mabel, haha.


I love these little nerds. 


Grunkle Stan: Orange Lantern

Blackest Night Grunkle Stan

I can’t do this I want my puppies


WIPWednesday!  I’ve been working on my Gravity Falls Journal 3 for the past couple days!  I’m really really proud of how it’s coming out so far with the 8 out of 25ish pages I’ve worked on so far, especially since I don’t really fancy myself an artist.  I basically robbed the cover off of an old book in my garage and painted and aged it and then put in the pages, which I individually tea-stained and bound together.  I still need to decipher the scribbles in the book so I can add the writing, but it’s really really hard to read that. I can’t tell if it’s legitimately cursive or just scribbles.  Or a mixture of both.  I’m really excited about this cosplay, although I have promised myself I won’t start on the costume(s?) itself until september. But I’m psyched about this one! :D

You can check out more of my cosplays at: http://www.facebook.com/shelbeaniecosplay

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